Stourbridge International Glass Bead Biennale (UK)

The biennale will take place from 26-29 August 2022 as part of the International Glass Festival in Stourbridge (UK)


Happy to have been selected by the jury composed of Barbara Beadman, Vic Bamforth and Pauline Holt. 3 glass beads made for the occasion will be presented.

You will find below the list of international glassmakers who will exhibit their glass beads.

International Bead Biennale Artist 2022

These beads diameter 50mm and width 60mm inspired by corals were made by combining several techniques of glass art such as lampwork, making glass murrines, molding and cold working.

This work on coral, both animal and mineral, simultaneously represents the fragility and the strength of life. Each bead can be seen as a cell, virus, seed, worm, coral or mineral structure. Recalling the origin of life. It illustrates the competition between organisms. Can both be seen as a "Potential" of life, or the "Degradation" to dust, death.

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