The production takes place over several days and requires many steps and multiple firings.

Step 1: It all starts with the choice of Murano glass rods

The raw material is soda-lime glass which has the advantage of offering a wide range of shades of color, transparent or opaque.

Some glasses change color when they rise in temperature (Stricking glass). Others react depending on the level of oxidation or even when they come into contact with other glass (Reactive glass). It is also possible to superimpose the colors thus allowing infinite combinations of shades and depth.

Step 2: The rods are fused with a torch to create a palette of colors.

This first torch fusion stretches the diameter of the rod to infinity (like an optical fiber), reducing the section and thus creating very fine needles of colored glass.

These fused glass needles in different colors can be matched with each other. Or worked beforehand with a blowtorch in order to form more complex patterns which will themselves be stretched in such a way as to reduce the section while maintaining the precision of the pattern.

Step 3: Elementary patterns are grouped and merged to create murrines.

High-temperature fusion of these elementary patterns makes it possible to form new blocks with a wide variety of decorations.

Step 4: These murrines will then be fused again and blown into a glass bubble.

During this stage, the murrines are preheated, shaped with a lampwork and blown by mouth. Blowing is either carried out using a drilled mandrel or directly using a small cane. According to our wishes, the pearls will be solid or hollow, round or elongated.

Step 5: The beads will then be annealed.

This is the fourth rise in temperature is essential to remove the internal stresses and thus guarantee the behavior of the pearls over time.

Step 6: The beads will then be used to create pendants, necklaces, bracelets or earrings.

Over the course of inspiration, unique and diversified creations are made. Looking for harmonies of shapes and colors in the middle of these infinite combinations.

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