Carmaux glassmakers Biennale

October 2021

Carmaux Glass Museum

Press kit

The 54 exhibitors are artists and craftsmen (glass blowers, stained glass artists, etc.) with an artistic creation approach. They present unique pieces accessible at a wide variety of prices, from sculpture to small decorative objects. From its first edition in 2003, we wanted to organize a quality operation based on a rigorous selection of professionals in the art of glass, whether they are internationally recognized artists or young talents.

Thus all the fields and all the techniques of creation in the field of glass are represented: cane-blown glass, glass paste, stained glass, fusing, lampworking... The Biennale has the particularity of presenting only unique pieces: sculptures, decorative objects, tableware, lighting, stained glass, glass beads...

The Biennale des Verriers has become a reference for glass fairs in France and abroad, both for the artists, always numerous to apply, and for the public, eager and curious.

Some photos taken from my stand during the biennale

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